Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Several patients coming to Central Eye Care in Arlington Heights, IL complaining of fleshy red growths on the surface of their eyes. These are usually, but not always, something called a pterygium. Sometimes, these growths can be cancers on the surface of the eye. Therefore, it is important to have any growth on the surface of the eye routinesly examined by a skilled ophthalmologist. Dr. Badawi has extensive experience in surgery to remove pterygium or eye cancers using the latest techniques. Often, Dr. Badawi can perform pterygium surgery without sutures.

At Central Eye Care, Drs. Badawi and Osgood recommend patients wear sunglasses with UV protection and use of artificial tears to reduce the chances of getting a pterygium on the eye.

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  1. How are the surgeries performed without sutures, as you mentioned? When that is done, is it for aesthetic purposes, or does it improve the procedure? It sounds like it might be a benefit, but I'm just double-checking.